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A Smoke Meter You Can Trust!California Air Resources Board passed new emission laws for on- road heavy duty diesel trucks. If you're a California fleet operating company you are required to make necessary changes to your fleets to have clean emissions in order to stay in business over the next decade.

CalTest Instruments has been serving the worldwide community with its caltest 1000 smokemeter since the 1990’s. We specialize in diesel engine emissions testing of Buses, school buses, Bus fleets, trucking industry and all commercial and private diesel engine applications associated with transportation as well as off-road construction equipment and owner-operators.caltest2013PlaqueBlue

The Wilmington Award Program has chosen Caltest Instruments for the 2013 Wilmington Awards in the Industrial Process Measurement Equipment classification for Caltest Instruments Inc., 1000 & TR1000 Smoke Opacity Meters.

FACTS MATTER and the FACT is, we are the ones, the professionals that understand emissions that wrote the SAE J1667 and had passed into law. The Caltest 1000 was designed by these experts with J1667 in mind and became the most accurate smokemeter when tested against the the best of the other smokemeter competition (read test results below). Most accurate in both categories of measuring the very rapid transients in snap-acceleration tests.

Richard Skaggs, President, D-1280X, former United States Marine Corp R, Air Wing MOS Plane Captain, has more than 30 years of vast experience in working on environmental issues at many levels including an 8 year term as a member of the State Inspection Maintenance and Review Committee, (IMRC) ending June 2004. This committee conducts public hearings and over-sees the smog check programs and air-quality monitoring issues at the state level making recommendations to the Governor. From 1992 -2002, Richard was a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers SAE J1667 Committee that developed the SAE J1667 snap acceleration test procedure and diesel smoke opacity meter equipment standards for use in Heavy Duty Diesel emission test programs

Smoke Opacity Meter Testing designed for Light and Heavy-duty diesel inspection and maintenance programs. OurSetting up caltest 1000 test on a construction grader opacity tests not only test emissions in the way that makes sense under the SAE J1667 rules and keeps you in compliance with the EPA so you can avoid their fines, we can also due snap idle and under load testing to cover all the emission bases for your records.

TESTING - MANUFACTURING - PARTS - ACCESSORIES - SALES OF OUR 1000  SMOKE OPACITY METERS AND SERVICING. Our staff offers quality and reliable SERVICE you can count on. In addition, our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our company or our services.

Whether you need OPACITY EMISSIONS SERVICE / SALES / REPAIRS PARTS OR TRAINING, we have what you need at prices you can afford. At CalTest Instruments, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest caliber.

For more information about CalTest Instruments or Emission Testing or If you have any questions or would like to speak with a CalTest Instruments representative regarding our PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, call us at 310.835.5377 or e-mail us at

Setting up caltest 1000 test on a constructionApproved by NI Dept. of Environmental Protection for SAE J1667 snap-acceleration, stall and rolling-acceleration tests. Four snap-acceleration tests available not just the SAE J1667 snap test. California State Certified Emissions Staff!

At CalTest Instruments, the customer always comes first!


The World’s Fastest & Most Accurate Smokemeter - The CalTest 1000 (Results of Smokemeter Correlation Testing, under the auspices of the SAE J1667 Committee, of six brands of smokemeters, at Golden West College Diesel Laboratory)

During the four days of testing of paired smokemeters on twinstack test stands, the CalTest 1000 operator often had to wait for several minutes, fCalTest carrying case that can save you bottom line earnings!or other meters to catch up. The Bosch RTT-100 had to get its internal pressure and temperature up to manufacturers specifications and zero, etc. That took an unimpressive 7 minutes. The CalTest 1000 took less than 1 minute for zeroing, etc.. All brands except the CalTest 1000 had to start all over...recycle (Bosch time: 2.5 minutes) if there was a glitch in testing, such as the need to re-do soot-purging snaps or test snaps. In sharp contrast, by pushing a keyboard key recommended on its LCD display, the CalTest 1000 was made instantly ready for either action.

The World’s Most Accurate Smokemeter. The CalTest 1000 was the most accurate in both test categories:

In “within manufacturer” tests, the two CalTest 1000 meters (Unit 1 vs. Unit 2) had the greatest performance consistency, with Predicted Differences at 95% confidence, 95% population, within:

  • CalTest 1000                 + 2.1%      (Best)     Full flow smokemeter
  • Wager 6500                   + 2.8%                     Full flow smokemeter
  • Berkeley 300                  + 3.0%                     Full flow smokemeter
  • GEC (Wager 6700)       + 3.3%                     Sampling smokemeter
  • Bosch RTT-100              + 3.8%                     Sampling smokemeter

In “among manufacturers” tests (Brand A vs. Brand B) the CalTest 1000 had the two closest correlation’s with other brands, with Predicted Differences at 95% confidence, 95% population, within:

CalTest 1000 (CalTest vs. Berkeley: + 3.2%. CalTest vs. Wager: + 3.5%) + 3.5% (Best)

The Closest correlations of other brands with any two of the three (CalTest, Berkeley & Wager) were:

  • GEC (Wager 6700)   (GEC vs. CalTest:     + 6.1%.      GEC vs. Berkeley: + 5.5%)    + 6.1%
  • Berkeley 300              (Berk. vs. CalTest:    + 3.2%.       Berk. vs. Wager:    + 6.3%)   + 6.3%
  • Wager 6500               (Wager vs. CalTest:  + 3.5%.       Wager vs. Berk.:    + 6.3%)    + 6.3%
  • Bosch RTT-100         (Bosch vs. CalTest:   + 8.0%.       Bosch vs. Wager:  + 8.0%)    (Worst)


printer read out of emission test resultsEngineers recommend against long-hose sampling meters (Bosch RTT-100 & a sixth meter):

The sixth meter did so poorly its name and data are omitted above by manufacturer’s request

Four technical engineering papers give warnings (which 1996 tests proved to be valid) about using Bosch-type meters for transients (In snap-acceleration testing, opacity can jump 60% or more in 1/10 second.):

SAE J1157: “Sampling type light extinction meters have inherent design limitations for accurate measurement of transient smoke concentrations.”

SAE J35: “Slow responding or sampling, or both, type instruments must not be used since they typically have excessive or variable response delays and do not provide an accurate measurement of an engine’s transient smoke characteristics.”

SAE J255a: “OPACITYMETER, SAMPLING TYPE...Transient smoke measurements with this type of instrument are not recommended due to slow system response, problems of obtainging a representative exhaust sample, and inability to maintain temperatures and pressures within specified limits during transient operation of an engine.”

ISO/DIS 11614 (1995): “Many [sampling] opacitymeters of established designed cannot achieve a [total response time] of less than 0.4 sec...[making them unsuitable for testing rapid transients].”

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