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Specializing in SAE J1667 emissions testing of diesel engines and California certification of SAE J1667 testing and other types of emission testing! Testing in California only by Caltest staff at this time.

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Model CalTest 1000 complete in case $5,995.00 or Optional Model CalTest TR1000 Upgrade, complete in case $6,995.00. Includes: Engine RPM Kit - Oil Temperature Probe ... Call For Details!

Please Call with any questions or concerns. CALL CLYDE SMITH Omstar Environmental Products, Inc. / CalTest Instruments Wilmington Office at 310.835.6909

Smoke Opacity Testing:

The California Air Resource Board requires that each qualifying, on-road diesel, engine in your fleet, participate in the by conducting annual smoke opacity test and repair those with excessive smoke emissions to ensure compliance, and maintain at least two years of smoke test records. The ARB randomly audits fleets, maintenance, and inspection records.

The state of California is serious about clean air and their enforcement division has grown considerably over the last year. Stiff fines for non-compliance are issued monthly. The case settlements are documented and can be seen at:

California Diesel Compliance will help you to stay off of the list!

  • 24/7 Mobile On-Site testing is done at your specified place and at your specified time, to eliminate truck downtime.
  • Proactive annual service means that we contact you when it’s time for your next test, so that you
  • don’t have to think about it.
  • Electronic Record Management allows us to specialize in servicing multiple terminal fleets, and fleets that move throughout the state. Electronic Record Management allows you to track your statewide compliance activity at a glance! We manage your records and keep them backed up for security, so that they are always available for you to pass an audit.
  • Each passing truck will get a window sticker showing that the truck has passed the PSIP for that year.
  • California Diesel Compliance testers are professional, certified, and insured with over 20 years of experience in medium to heavy duty diesel trucks.
  • Our statewide presence allows us to guarantee competitive pricing regardless of your company’s California footprint.
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